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Zanda Humphrey is the smartest kid at Pepperkorn Elementary School…with the most interesting name. Her inventions, each one better than the one before, are typically the result of keeping her little brother, Phee, out of trouble. She invented Magic FabricGrow after Phee transformed their mother’s favorite tablecloth into a flag for his tree fort. Soaking the torn fabric in a pail of the pungent potion restored the tablecloth to new. When Phee spilled green dye on the family cat, Zanda’s Insta-ColorDuller turned the cat’s fur back to its normal gray. And these are only a few examples of Zanda’s super cool inventions!

BigSweetInvention - CoverIn the first book of the series, Zanda Humphrey’s Big Sweet Invention, Zanda unveils the world's first magic cupcake-making machine—the Cake-o-matic. Join Zanda in her lab for boiling potions, magic powders, and big sweet explosions.






Operation Nice - CoverIn the second book, Zanda Humphrey’s Operation Nice, Zanda Comes to the rescue again with her anti-bullying invention—the BE-BOT (Bully Eliminator–Bio Optic Transformer). The BE-BOT hovers and chirps, zaps and sizzles in a laser-blasting,"de-bullyizing" showdown.





House-of-Garbage - CoverIn the NEW third book—Zanda Humphrey’s House of Garbage—Zanda and Phee tunnel through mountains of slippery, slimy, maggot-covered garbage, including oozing green goo, rotting fruit, and piles of poop—and all in their house! You’ll love Zanda’s newest invention, the Recyclinator 225, a high-powered, double-chambered, garbage-launching recycle machine.





Learn more about Zanda and her little brother Phee, her beyond-cool laboratory, and her super-sized imagination. Order your Zanda books today!

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