Operation Nice Anti-bullying Program Overview

Operation Nice® (ON) is a powerful bully prevention program for elementary-aged children (K-5).* It truly is like nothing else out there—with the ability to change the very culture in schools. Right out of the gate Operation Nice stands out from other dry anti-bullying curriculum because it:

  • Is Rooted in Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Fosters consistent skills building including self-management, social awareness, relationship building, responsible decision-making, and caring and considerate behavior.

  • Promotes Universal Involvement: ALL students are recruited into the program as Student Ambassadors, fostering teamwork and unity across all classrooms and all grade levels. Like one of our Student Ambassadors told us, "When everyone is on the same team, there's no room for bullies."
  • Actively Engages Students in Partnership with Faculty: Operation Nice is run equally by the students. Faculty is not solely responsible for keeping students engaged on a daily basis (we understand that teachers are busy enough). The program's Student Ambassadors are tasked with coming up with new activities, serving on classroom Lead Ambassador teams, and more—and they LOVE it!
  • Offers a Universal Method/Language: The program's comprehensive toolkit (guide) offers faculty standard tools, activities, and methods for dealing with bullying and keeping students active in the program. The guide also provides a Student Tool Belt, offering several "tools" that help students effectively participate in the program. When every classroom is following a uniform methodology, the program is that much stronger.

  • Is Literature-based—Unlike other dry anti-bullying curriculum, Operation Nice is tied to the book Zanda Humphrey's Operation Nice—a powerful anti-bullying-themed book that offers memorable, super cool characters and an engaging and fun story. Because the program kicks off with a reading of the book, students are excited from the start!

  • Is Visuals-based—The program comes complete with a printed materials kit, including an Operation Nice School Zone exterior plaque, interior posters, window clings, bookmarks, student badges, and more. The visuals offer a fun and colorful daily reminder of students' accountability to the program and its core purposes: 1) to "Spread the Nice!" and 2) to work as a unified team.

  • Is a Whole Lot of FUN!

Overall, the program packs enough powerful resources to keep everyone motivated to "Spread the Nice" all year! At the very core of the Operation Nice program is the ability to change the culture within a school—making it cool to be nice, and very uncool to be a bully. Led by mascot Zanda Humphrey, a super smart fourth-grade scientist, and her laser-zapping anti-bullying invention, the BE-BOT, students are engaged, excited, and loyal to the program from the start. And that is culture changing!

*The full-year program is in beta testing for the 2012-2013 school year. The complete program will be available for purchase after March 2013. But don't wait! Get on the NICE train now. There's plenty of room. Contact us for more information and to get started on implementing Operation Nice in your school!

Learn more about the program by watching the Operation Nice Video.

The Creator

Kristy Short, Ed.D, author of the Zanda Humphrey book series and creator of the Operation Nice Anti-bullying program, has been writing books for kids since she was a kid herself. She has a clear passion for writing creative stories about magical inventions and exciting adventures—and an even bigger passion to help stop bullying. At the heart of all her stories is a love and necessity for active, perpetual imagination and the need to be kind. Big Sweet Invention and Operation Nice are part of the author's Zanda Humphrey book series for young readers.

Operation Nice Student Ambassador Pledge

"To promote kindness, tolerance, and respect within my school and beyond to eliminate bullying and create an atmosphere of learning, safety, and fun."

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