People Say the Nicest Things...

We get a lot of straight-up praise for Operation Nice (ON)…and that makes us very happy! Read a few of the nice things teachers, students, and parents are saying about the Operation Nice Anti-bullying program and program creator Kristy Short.

SPOTLIGHT TESTIMONIAL - For Outstanding Examples of Operation Nice in Action

Big praise out to Creekside Student Ambassador, Alison K., for "Spreading the Nice" outside of school. Read what Alison's mother wrote to us:

"I just wanted to share this story. Alison and I went to McDonald's for dinner tonite. When she [opened her Happy Meal and] realized that she already had the toy, she went over to a little girl and handed her the toy. When the girl's mom asked if she was sure, Alison responded that she was "Spreading the Nice" like they do at school. I was impressed and proud at the same time."

-Teresa K., Parent of Creekside Operation Nice Student Ambassador


"SInce implementing Operation Nice, the number of bullying referrals to my office have gone down significantly!" [View Channel 7 feature]

- Lawrence Pumford, Principal, Creekside Elementary


“We have total buy-in at our school, especially from the students who all know and love Kristy Short. This is going to be a great program and a great year!”

-Lawrence Pumford, Principal, Creekside Elementary

"Kristy's Operation Nice assembly at our school was culture changing! Her 'Spread the Nice' message really resonated with the kids in my class. They talk about it all the time and apply the themes of the program [working as a unified team and spreading kindness] on a daily basis. I hear every day how much they love Operation Nice and Kristy Short!”

- Stacey Stevens, Teacher, South Arbor Charter Academy


“Our kids loved the Operation Nice book and assembly. The auditorium was shaking from all the cheering and excitement!”

-Liz Quezada, Teacher, LaVerne Heights Elementary

“We LOVE Kristy and everything she’s done for our school in terms of getting a strong anti-bullying message to our kids. She’s visited several times and is now a celebrity at our school. She has a personality that really connects with the kids.”

-Elizabeth Millington, Teacher, Creekside Elementary

“My daughter couldn’t stop talking about Operation Nice after Dr. Short visited. I’ve never seen her and her friends so excited about something that happened in school. Operation Nice is one powerful program to have such an effect so quickly on the kids.”

-George Watkins, Parent, Archbishop Neales Elementary


“I love Operation Nice…and Kristy Short!”

-Chloe K., 3rd-Grade Student


“Thank you for the Operation Nice pins and books and certificate. I am going to give them to my 3rd-grade teacher so we can do Operation Nice in my class. I hope you will come and see us!”

-Avery M., 3rd-Grade Student


“My son thinks Kristy is a rock star. He is always talking about spreading the nice.”

-Kim Kratzer, Parent, South Arbor Charter Academy

Monthly Mission

It should be everyone's goal to be nice all year round...I know it's mine. Write to us and tell us what you did today to Spread the Nice!

Email completed Missions to info@operationnice.ORG. I promise to read each and every one!

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