Operation Nice Program Kit

Description: This complete program kit for schools includes the comprehensive Teacher & Administrator Toolkit (guide) and the printed materials kit, which includes Operation Nice books (20), exterior sign (1), interior posters set (total 4), window clings (50), bookmarks (250), Student Ambassador badges (150), and SON Award stickers (2,500).

Price: $4,500 + $20 for Shipping

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Monthly Mission

It should be everyone's goal to be nice all year round...I know it's mine. Write to us and tell us what you did today to Spread the Nice!

Email completed Missions to info@operationnice.ORG. I promise to read each and every one!

Zanda Books

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Zanda Humphrey's
Operation Nice -

2012 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Winner!
"Best Juvenile Fiction/
First Reader Chapter Book"

Phone: 734.717.8686
Email: info@OperationNice.ORG