Operation NiceĀ® Anti-bullying Program... Making It Cool to Be Nice!

Operation Nice (ON) is a powerful anti-bullying program that promotes positive behavior, kindness, and unity among elementary-aged (K-5) children—and is changing the very culture within schools. What is most unique about the program is that it doesn't solely rely on teachers to manage, but rather calls on students to actively participate—arming them with tools that empower them to intervene, discuss, and resolve potential bullying situations on their own. Operation Nice relies on its Student Ambassadors to “Spread the Nice” on a daily basis and work as a unified team to stop bullying in their school.

Another key element of the program is its tie to the anti-bullying themed book—Zanda Humphrey's Operation Nice. A reading of the book kicks off the program, offering students an entertaining story and lovable, memorable characters to get them engaged from the start. The “animation” factor further differentiates Operation Nice from other dry anti-bullying curricula—offering a fun, interactive, and visually stimulating program that promises real staying power.

Learn more about the kids of Operation Nice by viewing the video.

Learn more about the full-year Operation Nice Anti-bullying program here.

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Monthly Mission

It should be everyone's goal to be nice all year round...I know it's mine. Write to us and tell us what you did today to Spread the Nice!

Email completed Missions to info@operationnice.ORG. I promise to read each and every one!

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